A.J. van Dijk, born 11 June 1984 in Gorinchem, Netherlands, is a student of the late Naoki Ishikawa sensei. Since he started his training, he is dedicated to increase his knowledge, widen his vision and improve the quality of his Karate.

Ishikawa sensei supplied AJ sensei with the keys that he needed for his study of Karate. After Ishikawa sensei’s passing in August 2008, he had the almost impossible task to continue his sensei’s work together with Ishikawa sensei's son and friend, Hiroki Ishikawa.

Fortunately, AJ sensei has been supported by Nukina sensei, his close friends and loyal students, to persevere through these difficult times to develop his Karate and his Dojo. When the Dojo was stable and the situation calmed down a bit, on Ishikawa sensei’s request as well as by careful choice, AJ sensei is now also together with Sakagami and Peter May sensei. Furthermore, Yokoyama sensei from Shorin Ryu is a source of inspiration for AJ sensei to develop his Meotode, training weapons and enrich his Karate.

During the 2012 FEW Championship held in Italy, AJ sensei was recommended and appointed to General Secretary of FEW. This also allowed him to restart what Ishikawa sensei left behind regarding Wadokai Holland. With the support en efforts of his peers, AJ sensei got the opportunity to grow technically within Wado and to develop himself as the FEW General Secretary and President and Chief Instructor of Wadokai Holland.

With patience and effort, Wadokai Holland is now under AJ sensei’s guidance that is driven “through passion and soul” as Nukina sensei wrote in the introduction of his book “Wado no Michi”. Meanwhile, AJ sensei continues to improve his relationship with several Wado Dojo in Holland as well as the ties with the Karate union in Holland. Furthermore, he conducts various seminars on Wado in Holland as well as abroad. He has produced several books and DVDs, continues to write articles, shoot videos and finds other ways to study and train and finally share his knowledge, experiences and love for Karate.

Even recently (July 2014), an opportunity rose for AJ sensei as he was asked to become the Technical Supervisor for Wadokai Belgium. Honoured and full of enthusiasm he accepted the opportunity and now continues to work closely with his colleagues and friends from Belgium and in particular with Mr. Tornatore.

Inspired by his Sensei K. Sakagami, P. May, N. Nukina and K. Yokoyama Sensei, he continues his in depth study of Karate, digging deeper into the Waza. AJ Sensei’s Karate is a result of his own training, studies and preferences and the influence of his peers. 

Photo made by M. Miyazaki